Braces 101

Braces 101

You've never had braces before? You don't know what to expect?

We recorded the whole process from beginning to end for you!


Things we learned:

-It was faster than we expected, in and out in less than an hour. 

-No pain! Breckyn was nervous that it would hurt a little but it didn't at all.

-We were surprised how fast they worked. We are approaching the year mark and her teeth look amazing, but we saw results within the first 6 weeks!

-Affordable! Dr Cameron has a payment plan for any budget.

-Start them young. We didn't realize that the Ortho can tell if you need braces (or not) as young as 5th grade! (read all about that here).

-Consultations are FREE! So you don't have to pay anything to find out if you need braces or not.





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Helpful Tips: 

Mention The Salt Project for $250 off braces

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