8 Hikes to do in August.

8 Hikes to do in August.

Nestled right in Ogden Canyon is a perfect family friendly hike. Hiking to a stream is always fun!

Hiking Indian Creek/Cold Water Canyon Trail

Known for it's breathtaking waterfall in dusty Escalante, Calf Creek Lower Falls is a tougher stretch, but very rewarding.

Hiking Calf Creek Lower Falls

Duck Creek is know for the cabins and fishing, but have you been to the pitch black caves?

Hiking Mammoth Cave

American Fork has many hikes, but this is one of the easiest!

Silver Lake Loop Trail

Layton's most popular hike includes a water fall at the end! Plus read about the Lower Falls version below.

Adams Canyon

It's a steep hike it's true, but it can be done. You can cool off in the caves after.

Timpanogas Cave

It's hot, but Bryce Canyon is at a higher elevation which means it's a little cooler!

Hiking Queens Garden & Navajo Loop

Layton's second most popular hike. Or most popular to us with tiny tots.

Adams Canyon Lower Falls

What do you think? Have you been to each of these hikes?

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