8 FREE Family Friendly Christmas activities - FOX 13

We have so many fun traditions at Christmas time and guess what?

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Salt Project + Tava Adventures Bucket List Winter Free Printable

Winter is here! It just barely snowed enough to make it feel like winter so we've got to share our NEW Winter Bucket Lists! We've teamed up with Kady from Tava Adventures once again! We've put together two options for you.

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Riverdale BMX Bike Park

We've become recent mountain bikers...by recent I mean this is the second time in two days that we've visited a bike park. This particular BMX Bike park is in Riverdale. A few weeks ago, Orion brought his bike along on one our favorite hikes. He biked around the dirt trails like a pro and I could actualy walk much faster on the hike. Since then, I've been thinking more and more about bike parks for him. Suddenly, I realized that it was December and that SNOW would be coming soon.

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Ogden 9th Street Bike Park

As my kids have gotten older, I've come to realize that little boys are WAYYYY different than girls. Ha! I mean, my little girls are just as adventurous, but my little boy is constantly fidgeting, wrestling and running around. While his sister is happy to color for an hour, he's content for about 5 seconds. 

Lucky for us, Orion has a BFF that lives down the street who is his exact age and height. 

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Burly Burger | Grubbin'

I've heard so many good things about Burly Burger and I've driven by dozens of times and every time I tell myself I need to go check it out. But you know how life is. Well one day I saw a video on their instagram feed about their one year anniversary and I was like "whoa, ok, enough is enough, no more excuses, I'm going to get myself a Burly Burger once and for all!"

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Aiko's Woom 1 Plus Bike

Why weren't Woom Bikes around when I was a kid? I have some pretty vivid memories of learning to ride my bike when we lived in New Mexico. Most of our front yard was lava rock and large spider bushes. I remember running into the bushes multiple times and always worrying about crashing into the lava rocks. I still remember that terrifying feeling of my dad letting go of my bike seat.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Hey! We've assembled a list of a few local Utah shops we love!! Many of these shops we've followed ourself for years. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. ANNNND Apparently, we really love Utah shirts. 

There's a whole bunch of ideas from Amazon (mostly items we've tried and tested!) at the bottom. 

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Arika from Zion Adventure Photog

Have you ever wanted to have an epic adventure and have someone actually take amazing photos of it?! Well, we’ve found her. Her name is Arika from Zion Adventure Photog and she is AMAZING!

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