Creekside Park in Bountiful

Bountiful City, you have officially outdone yourself (Slow clap.) Creekside Park is unlike any park we've seen before. You can tell the landscape of the area was carefully considered as there are many mature trees all over the park. We've also never seen slides THIS big. Plus so much MORE!

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Minky Couture!

We’re super excited to #partner up with Minky Couture today! Did you know that these ultra soft blankets are actually made in Utah? That’s right today we are featuring another awesome Utah Company just in time for Mother's Day!

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Water Canyon Hike | Adventurin' | Hildale

One of our friends, introduced us to the hidden hiking gem in Hildale, a tiny town in Southern Utah with an amazing hike; Water Canyon Trail! It's not very often that I find out hikes that my husband and his family haven't hiked/heard of. (They were raised in Cedar City.) But this hike feels like Zion National Park without the crowds! We didn't make it to the actual slot canyon (which we were bummed about) but when you have 8 kids under the age of 12, we knew we wouldn't make it all the way.

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Hiking Mossy Cave Trail in the Winter | Bryce Canyon National Park | Hike the Hoodoos Challenge

Mossy Cave is the last hike we took the kids on before heading out. Mossy Cave is more of a Nature Trail. See our other two here and here. I've heard about this hike for a few years from my father in law, but it always seemed out of the way. Past Bryce Canyon posts here.

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Spring Break at Goblin Valley State Park Spring Break!

Goblin Valley State Park couldn’t have been more perfect for my little boys. It reminded me of the very authentic, organic, and au-natural version of City Creek’s Dinosaur play place, except Goblin Valley is a 100% ORGANIC.

On a side note, you can bring your dog too!

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Soli Wellness Chiropractor Review

Ok, I just want to start by saying that when we find a local business that we love, we want to support them. We received amazing results from Soli Wellness and wanted to share our experience here for you.

I also shared it (as I was going through everything) on our social media. There were a lot of people that said Chiropractors were the way to go, others said P.T., after talking to Dr. Randy he said it really just depends on whats wrong, some times you need one or the other, sometimes both and they can help you figure that out.

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Giveaway | Travel Stamps

How do you document your travels? Is it through Social Media? Blogging? Chat Books? Drawings? Photos? Travel Journal?

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Epic Spring Break Ideas in Utah Has Spring Break already hit your home? Is it going now? Is it coming up soon? Either way, The Salt Project has tons of ideas. From Staycations, to local destinations, we've got ya covered. Here's just a few places to help your Spring Break become Epic. Read more